Majestic Oak Financial is an independent financial planning firm specializing in providing objective, comprehensive financial planning and asset management services to individuals and small business owners. The firm is owned and operated by Anna M. Popke, CFP® and is an Arkansas State Registered Investment Advisor. As Majestic Oak Financial continues to evolve, our mission will remain constant: To be the most approachable and ethical financial planning firm in the world. Our vision continues to guide our values-driven approach to the growth and security of your financial future.

The services that we provide are not simply a financial planning binder or an investment performance report. Those are only the means to an intangible, but far more important end: financial peace of mind. Peace of mind that we are assisting you in creating a guidebook to achieve your future goals and dreams. Peace of mind that you can call upon us for knowledgeable, understandable advice and expertise attained through education and experience. Peace of mind that we are putting your best interests first.

Majestic Oak Financial’s mission is to help you attain financial security and peace of mind by providing fee-only comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services. This mission is achieved by helping you to clarify your financial goals and objectives, determine current financial status, and develop a guidebook to reach your goals and dreams, all while mitigating exposure to the surprises that life may throw your way. In doing so, we adhere to the highest standard of Fiduciary Responsibility, meaning that our clients’ best interest ALWAYS come first.